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Magnesium refers to a chemical whose chemical symbol is Mg. it is ranked the forth position in the list of the most abundant elements found on earth. It has an oxidation number of two.  

Research has shown that on the earth crust, magnesium is the eighth most abundant metal. Therefore, it makes up to thirteen percent of the composition of the crust.  

Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal and it is the twelve element in the periodic table. 

It is a highly flammable element. It reacts with carbon dioxide and nitrogen to form magnesium oxide and magnesium nitride respectively. It also reacts with water form magnesium oxide and hydrogen. 

 Most of the magnesium compounds are white crystals. It is silvery white but when exposed to the air, it tarnishes slightly. It is usually protected by a thin oxide layer that is fairly difficult to remove.  

Hence, necessitating an oxygen free environment for its storage. 



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