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Natural Sources Ormus Materials  


 Most people often get Ormus minerals after eating right types of foods, which contain Ormus-rich minerals.  

There are different types of foods that have many contents. Aloe Vera, Goji berry and Noni fruit contain very high amounts of the natural sources ormus materials when compared to other types of foods.  

 These natural sources ormus materials are often found inside of each human being.  

Remember that David Hudson, the present-day alchemist who did re-discovered the Ormus in the basalt rock in Arizona desert that indicates as much as 5 percent of dry weight of the nervous system could sometimes be Ormus elements.  

Particularly, the Ormus rhodium and the (Ormus iridium) are based on the Ormus extractions after conducting on the calf and the pig brains.  

Hudson discovered that the Ormus may be10 times more abundant within the human tissues compared to all trace minerals (e.g. iodine, chromium, zinc, copper, etc.) combined.  

The information on natural sources ormus materials will definitely enhance your health.  



Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas  

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