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The Fantastic Effects of Ormus Copper  

Various studies were conducted to discover the effects of Ormus elements to the physical body.  

This subject matter is very novel and only few scientific data were available to find out its total effects, however, researchers took note of some anecdotes that bring to light the important role of some Ormus elements like Ormus copper in the biological systems.  

According to Barry Carter, Ormus Copper seems to have an anti-aging effect and restores hair color in some people.  

It was noted in some studies that consistent ingestion of this Ormus element for at least two years can darken hair color.  

Carter added that his alchemist friend, referred to as “The Essence,” mentioned that this element is part in the working of chlorophyll. 

 So, it is likely that green-leafy vegetables which are cultivated in an Ormus-rich environment can be a great source of anti-aging compounds. 

Moreover, it is not a wonder that Ormus Copper is infused in topical oils to create a fantastic treatment that will restore one’s youth, vital prowess and sexual energies.  

These products do not make any health claims, but to earlier users they have seen the great effect of this Ormus element as they notice their grey hairs turn back to its color.   



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