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Ormus Recipe  


Alas! You finally heard of the possibilities of Ormus and would like to try it for yourself.  


Here is how you can make Ormus with a simple Ormus recipe. You will need some equipment first. For this recipe, you will need 2 Pyrex bowls that can hold at least a gallon of water in volume in each.  


Secondly you will need a good number of coffee filters and strainers to hold them in place, a squirt bottle, pH paper, a big glass jar lastly you will need a turkey baster.

The ingredients for the Ormus recipe are coarse sea salt, a gallon of distilled water, red devil lye and white distilled vinegar. Follow these directions to make the Ormus recipe.  


Start by pouring a cup of distilled water in one of the Pyrex cups then add 2 table spoons of lye powder. Stir properly until it dissolves.  


Make sure you stand at a distance and avoid the fumes or the solution on eyes and skin respectively then pour the solution in the squirt bottle.  


You will use this solution for the second part of the Ormus recipe.

For the second part, add four cups of the distilled water in a bowl and dissolve on cup of the coarse sea salt. Strain the solution through the filters then use the pH paper while adding the lye solution from the first part.  


Add the lye solution slowly while stirring.  


You should make sure that the pH does not go beyond 10 since it is the pH at which the M-state elements drop out of the solution.  


Let the solution stand for at least four hours then put it in a different container leaving the precipitate that will have formed behind. Wash the precipitate 3 times with distilled water letting it stand for 4 – 8 hours each time between washing.  


After the last wash, store the precipitate in a glass jar and you have your Ormus from this simple Ormus recipe.  



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