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Ormus Side Effects  

Every substance if taken in higher doses could provide side effects, the same with Ormus despite the positive effects that it provides the immune system, it can also lead to several Ormus side effects. 

Some have confirmed that they hear sounds that are associated with the use of Ormus.  

These sounds according to ancient texts are the Kundalini energy, this sound is a symbol of the opening of the chakras, and however, to some individuals using the Ormus this could be a new effect that they can consider as a side effect of the Ormus. 

Some have taken 500 mg. Of Ormus for 30 days and have experienced a very high frequency sound, every day the sound gets louder and louder, it is like having loudspeakers in the brain, it could produce a roaring sound. 

For some people who are already experienced in meditating this is completely normal, only those who are new at using the Ormus would see it as a disturbing and irritating sound. 

This so called Ormus side effect could still be interpreted as a positive sound if the individual will use this to focus and forget all the other negative aspects of their life.  



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