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Ormus Orange Tree  

Your beloved brothers and sisters at our esteemed Ormus Minerals have successfully managed to blend our magic and your blessings to give birth to history- The Ormus Orange Tree. Yes, dude... 


Now you can forget the royal Mango and welcome the Mother of the new King of Fruits, the heartthrob of a nectar-sweet and citrusy savor and the Shade of Love and gratitude - Our cherished Ormus Orange Tree!

Introducing to the dearest members of our global family - Ormus Orange Tree with a staggering highly nutritious value and of course, juicing with our love and affection, the bearer of freshly organic and yummy oranges.  


According to our innovators, this tree promises a juicy yield of garden fresh oranges, empowering your average production by up to 66% to 300%.  


These oranges, apart from yummy and enormous in size, proving to everybody, Size does matter after all! ;).

The Ormus Tree produces these citrus blooms of a boundless quality with richly supplying vitamin C content which nurtures your health and caters to your taste buds too.  


The distinctive character of this tree and its products is the everlasting quality and life as it is resistant to all weather conditions, pests and calamities and stands strong and sturdy to fulfill your endeavors of a promising juicy delight.  


When treated with our specially designed precipitates, the tree renders the quick growth of pure, organic, juicy and fresh Ormus  


Oranges and is thus the greatest miracle ever created and engineered using Ormus minerals. 


This Ormus Orange Tree is surely the product of a long drawn struggle to create an efficient, long lasting and beautiful innovative symbol of life and its miracles.

So, are you ready to grow and taste some magic?  



Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas  

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